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    2. Company Introduction

      ABOUT US
      Mr. huolang is a well-known brand in the Chinese department store and retail industry. It focuses on R&D, design, supply, and sales. Picking the goods from global with competitive price and excellent service to meet the needs of consumers. Mr. huolang is a more than 600+ home department store chain.


      Why Choose Us


      • 01

        Brand Advantage

        More than 700 franchised stores in China are located in the first-line shopping circles.  Reputation and consumer loyalty are increasing day by day, and brand valuation is as big as 5 billion RMB.

      • 02

        Product Advantage

        International designer team and experienced purchasing team, keep up with the fashion trend. More than 5ooo+ fashion products, 3oo+new products on the market every month.

      • 03

        Supply Chain Advantage

        With supply stability, controllable quality procurement, 1000+ high-quality factories cooperate directly, reduce the intermediate link to reduce costs, protect the interests of partners, and achieve win-win!

      • 04

        Business School Advantage

        With 12 team incubation training and experienced industry lecturers to teach shop operation. Customizing the shop's design and training sales system.

      • 05

        Service Advantage

        More than ten years of experience in department stores and chain industries,  700+ physical retail stores, and  professional customer service. The gold medal supervisory team, scientific and rigorous service system.